Pre Sell your Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Cardano Polkadot Polygon DSFR Online! We offer you the possibility to Pre Sell Your Cryptos at any hours to one of Our POS locations !

Who We Are

A Swiss company that want to make it easier for everyone to access crypto currencies. You can deposit or withdraw funds using cash and our BATM Network. Instant buy/sell of Bitcoins and other crypto currencies at a fair price is guaranteed.

We try to help spreading crypto to the World via our services, making it easier and more accessible for everyone! As the blockchain technology passionate us, we aim for mass adoption!


Customer Support

Our team is happy to help you out and will do their best trying to do so! We will gladly answer any questions you have!

We speak english, french, german, italian & portuguese.

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Financial Experts

We are a Financial Intermediary company. We follow the FINMA's recommendation & rules. Our employees have to follow courses regularly to stay up to date with the latest AML laws and regulations.

Our employees comes from a wide financial backgrounds, bringing lots of expertise and knowledge that are helpful to the Crypto World!

Developers & IT

Our team of super smart developers work non-stop to improve our services, users comfort and security!

Our IT team is in charge of the BATM Network and its dependencies, our different servers, offices networks, our nodes, validators and miners! They take care of our network of security cameras!

They are fast and efficient!

Crypto Experts

Most of our employees have been working in the Crypto Currencies fields for years, since the early stage of Bitcoins or some were super early Crypto enthusiasts!

We worked with the blockchain and a lot of different technologies & cryptos over the years. Our team got professional and personal experiences, mixing it together to create the best!

Buy & Sell Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Monero Cardano Polkadot Polygon DSFR with cash! Our ATMs are available all around Switzerland!

Our Services

The Tiers available on our services


Daily Limit: CHF 1'000.00
Monthly Limit: CHF 1'000.00

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Daily Limit: CHF 15'000.00
Monthly Limit: CHF 15'000.00

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Unlimited (OTC)

Daily Limit: > 100 K CHF
Monthly Limit: > 100 K CHF

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Our Partners

Become a partner!

Are you the owner of an interesting establishment and also interested in crypto-currencies? Then why not give your customers the opportunity to conveniently buy and sell crypto-currencies? We would be happy to equip your business with one of our Bitcoin ATMs or maybe our POS software!

Please, use the button below to contact us and get more information about our services and the benefits of working with us!

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